Pay-per-call is shaking things up in performance marketing. Brands, agencies, and performance networks are using pay-per-call to rewrite the rules of lead acquisition and customer engagement. Let everyone else use the same old marketing tactics and partners to reach the same audience. These companies know there’s more to performance marketing than online leads and digital transactions.

Masters of Pay Per Call: Winning New Opportunities in Performance MarketingIn our new eBook, Masters of Pay-Per-Call, national brands, top agencies and leading networks share their insights on pay-per-call, and why they think it’s a tremendous opportunity. Here’s a sneak peek of what they had to say:

Increase in Lead Volume

Performance Marketing Rock Stars Spill Their Pay-Per-Call SecretsAt the end of the day, the name of the game is generating leads. And marketers are willing to do whatever it takes to increase volume. Pay-per-call is a natural choice for marketers looking to expand the effectiveness of their performance campaigns. Call intelligence makes it possible for marketers to know which marketing channels are producing the highest volume of quality leads so they can in turn optimize their budget to get more.

Increase in Visibility

Performance Marketing Rock Stars Spill Their Pay-Per-Call Secrets

With call intelligence, marketers have greater visibility into the complete performance of their marketing campaigns. They see exactly which campaigns are converting leads, and can better invest their budget into high performing channels and partners.

Increase in Quality

Performance Marketing Rock Stars Spill Their Pay-Per-Call SecretsMarketers are under more pressure than ever to prove the ROI of their campaigns. So simply driving more leads isn’t enough. With call intelligence, marketers can see the outcome of the call and tie it back to actual revenue. Marketers can understand key identifiers that define a quality call so they can better optimize their strategy to drive more of the calls they want.

If you want to learn about how these companies are opening new streams of revenue with pay-per-call, read their full stories in Masters of Pay-Per-Call: Winning New Opportunities in Performance Marketing.

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