Too many marketers have a case of digital tunnel vision. Most are so focused on tracking and optimizing the online path to purchase that they forget their digital efforts are directly driving offline actions.

In the new customer journey, phone calls are more important than ever thanks to the rise of mobile. Still not convinced? Invoca analyzed over 32 million calls across industries to find out how phone calls impact digital marketing. Check out our brand new infographic to learn more about the importance of calls in the customer journey, popular digital channels driving calls, and interesting caller trends. You can also find even more amazing stats, insights, and helpful tips like these in the 2015 Call Intelligence Index.

Call Intelligence Index


Posted by Caitie Gonzalez

Caitie Gonzalez is a graduate from U.C. Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Film and Media Studies. She is Invoca's Social Media and Content Specialist, and resident videographer. She loves film/television, comic books, board games and video games.


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