Mobile customers have Internet access and phone capabilities in their back pockets, and they want options when it comes to interacting with businesses. Now that mobile has taken over, phone calls are a big part of paid search.

Just to prove it, here are some reasons phone calls complete paid search strategies.

1. 70% of people have used click to call from mobile search.

Click to call is the simplest way for your mobile customers to contact you. You’ve already done all the work to make sure your mobile audience sees your ads. Now give them the opportunity to call you instead of sending them to a landing page, which has a much lower conversion rate than a phone call. And since the vast majority of smartphone users have already used click to call, there’s relatively no risk to you when adding click to call to your paid search ads and landing pages. Did I mention that it’s also super easy to track paid search calls

2. 162B customer phone calls from mobile devices are expected by 2019.

Any number with the word “billion” behind it sounds huge. To give you some context, 162 billion is more than double the calls from mobile devices in 2014. That’s a steep growth curve, especially when you consider that number is just from mobile devices.

3. 48% of consumer phone calls came from mobile search in 2015.

According to Invoca’s 2016 Call Intelligence Index, more customer phone calls come from mobile search than any other marketing channel, accounting for 48% of overall call volume. Mobile and desktop search combined drive 65% of all calls. Yep, more than half of all customer phone calls are coming from paid search alone.  The bottom line: If you’re not optimizing your search campaigns to drive phone calls, you’re driving away conversions.

4. 65% of people  prefer to contact a business by phone versus a web form.

Nobody likes to fill out tiny mobile forms with fat thumbs; it’s much easier to click a call button. 65% of people prefer to call a business versus only 24% who prefer to fill out a form.  When in doubt, go with the numbers — you’re almost 3x more likely to get a customer to contact you over the phone than through a web form.

5. Calls convert at 10x the rate of clicks and are typically much more valuable conversions.

It’s true — 10x is not an exaggeration. Here’s the thing about customers who make phone calls, they’re usually much farther down the funnel, so they’re more likely to complete a purchase than those who are clicking during the initial research phases. So a higher spend on your call campaigns is probably worth the extra investment if it means a boost in higher-quality leads.

6. Call tracking tools make incorporating phone calls into your paid search campaigns easy.

Whether you already use tools like Google AdWords or plan on combining a call intelligence solution with your favorite marketing technology platform, adding phone calls to your marketing mix is simple and only takes a few minutes. Once incorporated, you have the added data that comes with call tracking.

Call tracking tools can identify mobile users and automatically display click to call buttons specifically to your mobile users. And tools, like Invoca, give you rich voice analytics so you know exactly what happens on each call. With this information, you can make better optimizations based on real language and concerns from actual customers.

Learn How To Drive More Calls

Now that we know why phone calls are important to paid search, it’s time to figure out how to get phone calls into your paid search campaigns. Besides getting on board with call tracking software, there are a few more things to consider. In our step-by-step guide, How to Increase Phone Calls from Paid Search, we give you all the information you need to create great, call-driving paid search campaigns. Get information about:

  •      Tracking calls made from ads and landing pages
  •      Identifying keywords that drive calls
  •      Using call extensions or call-only ads
  •      Listening to phone calls to find new opportunities
  •      And more

At this point, phone calls are essential to your mobile search campaigns. And we’re here to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. Download your copy of How to Increase Phone Calls from Paid Search today!

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