After Frontier completed its acquisition of Verizon’s wireline business, it had seven geographically dispersed operating areas, each in charge of its own marketing, without much knowledge sharing across teams. This posed a challenge for Bryan Flores, AVP for Media and Analytics at Frontier. Consolidating the teams helped, but Flores still needed to create a strategy that targeted high-value prospects across every region where Frontier operated.

In the telecommunications industry, acquiring new customers is expensive. As a result, he needed to focus on identifying and retaining customers with the highest lifetime value, and reducing costs connected with customer acquisition. “We could see response and conversion rates, but we didn’t know why the offers worked or didn’t work,” Flores said. “We needed to cut out the people who weren’t responding to our campaigns, and focus on prospects who offered value.”

Flores started using Invoca’s custom data fields to better analyze what drove conversions. By adding attributes from rich data sources, like Nielsen data on customer segments, he could go beyond simply tracking conversions to understanding what types of products a prospect is shopping for and the likelihood of whether they’ll switch telecom providers. In addition, he was able to add data about prospects’ journeys, such as the number and type of cross-channel touchpoints. All in all, he went from measuring just a few attributes for each campaign to measuring more than 100.

With Invoca, Flores was able to drive better response rates and optimize marketing spend while generating more revenue with the same media spend. After six months of using Invoca, campaign response rates improved by 66 percent, while revenue increased 50 percent. In addition, cost per sale went down by more than half. By focusing on prospects with attributes and behaviors that offered higher lifetime value, he was able to eliminate prospects that weren’t profitable.

“Invoca is a key marketing enabler for us, and helps us understand the changing dynamics of our market,” Flores said.

Download the case study to see how Frontier Communications is using Invoca call intelligence to identify the most profitable customers and improve customer experience.


Owen Ray

Posted by Owen Ray

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