Whether your credit score is 780 or 510, just thinking about it is enough to make anybody sweat. It’s personal, and getting help repairing banged up credit can be downright scary. Credit repair customers shopping companies like Progrexion’s creditrepair.com and Lexington Law usually start their research online, but most will pick up the phone for a helping human hand when it comes time to get personalized advice and purchase services.

Progrexion provides a variety of credit repair services through its consumer brands, Lexington Law Firm, Creditrepair.com, and efolks. They were well aware of the online-to-offline nature of their purchase process, and the marketing attribution gap that it causes. They could track every step of their customer’s online journey, but once they called, Progrexion had very little visibility into what was happening on the phone.

Worse yet, they had no way to link conversions that happened on the phone back to their digital marketing efforts. This made optimizing digital marketing efforts difficult.

“Phone calls are a huge part of our business, and without that visibility we felt like we were missing half of the picture” said LJ Jones, Director of Optimization at Progrexion. “There was no way for us to know who that user was online [once they were] on the phone. Invoca helps us bridge that gap.”

In this video, you’ll see how Progrexion uses the Invoca call tracking and analytics platform, along with data analytics in Adobe Experience Cloud, to increase revenue and decrease digital ad spend at the same time.

Owen Ray

Posted by Owen Ray

Owen Ray is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Invoca. Prior to that, he worked with SaaS companies like Aria Systems, Glassdoor, and Mindjet. Owen sharpened his writing tools at San Francisco State University and Bay Area newspapers before working his way into the Silicon Valley creative services set. He hails from Santa Rosa, California and definitely does not leave work early on Wednesdays to go drag racing at Sonoma Raceway.