“We have already seen an increase of about 30% in revenue growth from customers calling in.”

Mitch Gray, Head of Display Advertising at Microsoft Store, explains customers don’t place big orders on the web. Sure, they will buy a single XBox online, but when it comes to purchasing hundreds of products, customers want to speak to a live agent. This makes phone calls an incredibly valuable touchpoint.

Unfortunately, calls were also a blind spot for the marketing team at Microsoft Store. Before Invoca, marketing completely lost connection with a customer once they called in. See how Mitch increased revenue 30% by using Invoca to attribute revenue back to phone calls and the marketing campaigns that drove them.

Watch Mitch’s full story below.

Amber Tiffany

Posted by Amber Tiffany

Amber has a background in content strategy and brings her passion for writing along with her two first names to the role of Senior Content Marketing Manager at Invoca. Amber began her career as a marketing copywriter and has since gained experience in SEM and content strategy for both B2C and B2B organizations. Amber loves the outdoors, physical activity, especially when it’s competitive, reading and attempting to be musical. She is currently training daily to become the first female champion in Invoca’s Ping Pong League history.

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