SunTrust Bank, one of the nation’s largest financial services organizations, found that conversation is vital for business. Customers want to directly talk to and trust the people providing their personal financial services.

With this insight, SunTrust Bank recognized phone calls as a pivotal part of the omnichannel customer journey, but had no clue where the calls were coming from. “We knew we were getting a lot of calls, but before Invoca, we had no idea where they were coming from or how they were performing,” said Brennie Conkle, VP of paid search and digital capabilities marketing, SunTrust Bank.

As SunTrust Bank started to refocus their omnichannel efforts, they partnered with Invoca to get a complete view of the online and offline customer journey, and identify which ad campaigns — down to the keyword —  were driving calls, and which of those calls ended in a sale. With Invoca, SunTrust Bank optimized its search marketing to generate high-converting inbound calls, and used insights from these conversations to create a consistent and seamless experience across channels for prospects and customers.

Hear more from Brennie about how the SunTrust marketing team is bringing the conversation back, in our featured customer video below.

Andrea Mueller

Posted by Andrea Mueller

Andrea Mueller is the public relations manager at Invoca. She has 10+ years of experience and has held positions at Edelman, Trend Micro, McGrath/Power and even interned for Governor Schwarzenegger one summer. Andrea earned her B.S. in Communications and Geography at Syracuse University. She loves racing triathlons, the outdoors, national parks and traveling.