No one knows what the future holds, but some people (a.k.a marketing nerds) have a pretty good idea of where marketing is heading. One thing is clear — phone calls aren’t going anywhere. Here are five of the latest industry trends driving pay per call growth and what it means to your business.

1. Mobile is Driving Tons of Calls

There are over two billion smartphones across the globe. While these smartphones are primarily used to surf the Internet and crush candy, they’re also used as phones. Who knew?

With the convenience of click to call, we’re seeing more and more consumer-initiated calls coming from mobile search. In fact, 45% of total call volume comes from mobile search. That’s more than any other digital or traditional marketing channel.

2. Performance Marketing Spend is Increasing

According to Forrester’s affiliate marketing forecast, U.S. affiliate marketing spend will increase by a compound annual growth rate of nearly 17% between 2011 and 2016. So by 2016, Forrester expects that affiliate marketing spend will grow to $4.5 billion.

When you’re throwing billions of dollars around, it suddenly becomes extremely important to know where your money is going. Advertisers need to make sure their media investments and partner relationships are producing valuable leads and new customers. With the addition of phone calls, marketers can easily track mobile audiences and conversions, making accountability a breeze. They can also enjoy 100% contact rates and high-converting leads that come with inbound calls.

3. Quality is #1

Avoiding fraud and increasing lead quality is always a top priority for advertisers and agencies. With performance marketing spend on the rise, nobody wants to lose revenue, time, and resources on fraudulent leads.

The beauty of phone leads is that they are naturally higher-quality traffic than clicks. Here’s why:

  • Callers are more motivated buyers.
  • It’s harder to commit fraud when a personal conversation is involved.
  • Advertisers get exclusive leads with pay per call.
  • Pay per call platforms and call intelligence tools provide additional quality controls.

4. Mobile Searchers Connect with Businesses Over the Phone

52% of people who connect with a business after a mobile search do so over the phone according to Luma PartnersYep, the phone is the preferred way to connect with businesses after performing a mobile search. This isn’t surprising when you think about how easy click to call makes it for mobile users to connect with businesses. With one click, they can place a call and get answers to their questions or make a purchase over the phone.

5. More Cross-Channel Purchases

During the path to purchase, customers jump between their PCs, smartphones, and traditional media without skipping a beat. Because of this shift in the purchasing process, marketers can no longer think of mobile marketing as a standalone channel. They need to understand how customers interact with brands across channels and have tracking and analytics in place to effectively track their activity.

Pay per call platforms and call intelligence tools make it possible for marketers to track the entire path to purchase regardless of a lead’s origin. Once a customer dials a specific phone number or clicks a click to call button, marketers can see exactly how each customer got to that point and can easily capture the outcome of each call. This type of technology is essential as the customer journey becomes more complicated.

Marketing trends are constantly in flux. But one thing is certain — smartphone use is increasing and inbound calls to businesses are rising. The best way to take advantage of those precious calls is by implementing pay per call campaigns into your performance marketing mix. Not only will your customers thank you, but you’ll be able to easily track, monitor, and optimize your campaigns thanks to call intelligence tools.

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