How does Invoca’s call tracking and analytics software work? In this video series, we make it easy to understand how Invoca tracks, unifies, and analyzes valuable call data so you can put it to work in the platforms that matter most to your business. Each week we’ll share a new video here, or, if you’re more of the binge-watching type, you can watch them all here.

This week, we walk you through how to use Invoca’s Signal AI product to analyze phone calls in real-time and get immediate insights into call outcomes. Signal AI is able to tell you if a call turned into an appointment, resulted in a sale, was a customer service call, and classify any other call outcome that is important to your business. Signal AI is easy to set up for the marketing end-user so you don’t have to get into the IT queue to get started. Check out this short video to see how it works!

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Debby Haynam

Posted by Debby Haynam

Debby is Invoca's Content and Social Media Specialist. With passions in writing, design, and video production, she strives for creative and authentic storytelling. When not creating marketing content, you can find her trying to find the least pretentious cup of coffee in San Francisco.

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